Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Lunch Problem

A few weeks ago I posted about Michael having trouble grasping the concept of the lunch "credit" card at his kindergarten. He still hasn't used it to buy anything, but he has expressed comments that lead me to believe that he does finally understand what the card is and how it's used. One of these days I'm going to push his limits and send him to school with the intent to buy lunch.

But, we have encountered another lunch problem with Michael. And this one is even more basic. He will not throw his trash out. This wasn't really a problem until the day I sent in yogurt, when it became a big, messy, smelly problem.

I've talked to him about why he won't throw his trash out, and the first reason he gave was that there are no trash cans in the cafeteria. When I told him that I knew for sure that there are trashcans in the cafeteria, he then explained that they are too far away. In Michael speak, this most likely means that he's anxious about getting up and throwing out his trash. I've tried to find out why he's too anxious to throw out his trash, but he's so busy fighting me about the trash can being TOO FAR AWAY MOM, that I can't get to the root of the problem.

So, for now, I'm not sending any yogurt. But someday, the kid has to figure out how to throw his trash out, right?


Beth said...

How funny! I have the same problem--but it's with his milk. I think I have to throw away his lunch bag. It smells horrible and no doubt is germy. I told William that if he didn't throw away his milk box when he's done, he would no longer get chocolate milk with his lunch. He'll have to drink water. (NO! Not the dreaded water!) We'll see what happens. I want to get the PB lunch box for him, but I'm holding off until I'm sure he'll follow directions! LOL

Karen said...

We have the opposite problem here. Michael throws EVERYTHING out. Yesterday he came home with an empty lunch bag. I always put an ice pack in there. He told me he just dumped the whole thing out because it was full of trash. Kids!

JenFen said...

Jake wants the same thing everyday and then he wonders why 3/4 of the way through the school year, he is sick of it. Jadyn was ready to try buying lunch the 2nd week of school but Jake was SO afraid of trying it, not because of the food, but because it would require doing something different. I finally met him for lunch one day so I could walk through the process with him and now he buys lunch once or twice a week, enough to ensure he doesn't get sick of the standbys in his from home lunch.

And YES, we had to go over what was to be brought home and what was to go in the trash. I want everything that can stay to stay so I know what they are eating but open juice boxes, yogurt containers or banana peels need to be thrown out.

I am sure he will get over the nerves that are causing him to not want to throw things away. I understand after seeing it in Jake how anything new, no matter how small, can cause nerves and Michael has already been adjusting to so much (and doing pretty well I might add).

Carrie77 said...

Nathan does this with the snack I have to pack him. I usually put his snack in a small rubbermaid container to save on plastic bags. He always saves what he doesn't eat, and one time it was apples with caramel dipping sauce. Somehow the container didn't get closed, and I had sticky caramel all inside his school bag. Bleh. Did not make me happy AT ALL!

DesiDVM said...

BTDT. One word: Gogurts. That also eliminated him always throwing out the spoons we sent to eat the yogurt.

It's weird but J also likes to "save" part of his lunch and eat the remainder in the car on the way home.

J is really against buying school lunch for some reason. I tried to get him to buy lunch last week, and he told me "I'm not a lunch kid, mommy. I'm a LUNCHBOX kid." So apparently there's some kind of caste system.