Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The First Day

Good news! We all survived Michael's first day of school. I'm going to count that as a success. Michael even shared a little bit about his day, so that's good too, right?

The first thing Michael said when he got off the bus was that he didn't cry. Awesome! Until I discovered later on that I think he only meant that he didn't cry on the bus ride home. Before bed he mentioned that the kids on the bus were screaming and that it was really loud and that he cried. But then, he assured me that they were just happy tears.

He did say that he liked coloring. I found two sheets with his first and second lessons on them. The first was a picture of a toilet and a roll of toilet paper and had a sentence about learning how to you the bathroom properly and flushing the toilet. Michael had colored in the toilet paper in a lovely striped pattern. That seemed to be the highlight of his day.

Michael also told a story about going to the cafeteria and buying a hamburger. Considering he had no money and doesn't like hamburgers, I found it pretty odd until I looked at his second lesson. They took the kids to the cafeteria and taught them how to use the lunch cards. I'm guessing the hamburger was a fake hamburger, but who knows what really happened. I've loaded money on his card and will explain to him that he can use it to buy milk.

Since Michael isn't forth coming about what he does all day, I asked him some probing questions. When I asked if he had gym, he said they did have gym and that they played follow the leader. Awesome! That sounds like something real. Then, he went into a story about playing Pac-Man and chasing the ghosts around when they are blue and running from them when they were colorful. He's played Pac-Man before, so he could have made that up, but it was pretty detailed, so maybe that's a game they really play. Again, who knows?

He did finally volunteer some information about school. He told me they played with red clay and he had to squeeze it with his hands to make it soft. He even had red clay on his shirt sleeve, so at least for this one, I think it really did happen!

Overall, I think it was mostly a success. He made it home happy and just a little wound up. Even better, aside from a few nerves this morning, he did great when I dropped him off at J's house and J's dad let me know that things were going OK. The bus came over an hour ago and I haven't gotten any calls, so I'm assuming he made it OK.

I hope today goes even better. Maybe he'll get to color pictures band-aides if they tour the nurse's office!


claudia said...

Wow, this is a stressful time, maybe more for us than them. I am trying to avoid grilling babycakes but what she has shared is almost nothing. What she said that she likes best about school so far is the bus ride, which took over 1.5 hours on the first night. That should be reduced, one would hope, once parents put their cameras away and the bus driver gets the route down.

JenFen said...

Haha! I love how you have to try and be a detective to find out what really happened and what didn't but glad that everyone survived the first day.

DesiDVM said...

At back to school night J's teacher told us, "In general, you can probably believe about 50% of what they tell you about what happened at school, and I can believe about 50% of what they tell me about what happens at home." I thought that was pretty funny. Considering that today J told me that he saw a hawk flying in the sky at recess that "leaned his head back really far and suddenly turned into a skeleton bird and we all ran from it." Um....