Monday, October 10, 2011


After over a month of almost non-stop rain around here, things finally dried out for a few days. It's amazing how much more interesting my life seems to be when I'm not constantly fighting to keep my hair from frizzing-out and my basement from flooding. So, what's been going on lately?

  • On Friday I went for a run after work. It's my first run in almost a month. Andy also decided to take advantage of the nice day so he took Michael for a walk. I just happened to come up behind them at the end of my run. They were walking along, holding hands and chatting. You know that scene where the Grinch's heart grows and sproings out of the x-ray frame? That's what my heart felt like when I saw them.
  • I'm a very quiet runner, so they had no idea I was behind them until I was right next to them. Michael startled a little, then burst into a fit of giggles over discovering me there as if I had poofed into existence. See above heart sproinging comment.
  • Speaking of giggles, on Thursday Michael and J were playing after school when one of them said "Timber!" They thought it was so funny that they spent the next ten minutes falling onto the sofa yelling "Timber!" and giggling away in fits. I ended up giggling as well because they were just so funny.
  • However, this morning Michael slouched over onto his side on the sofa and when I said "timber" he just shot me a look and said, "Timber is not really that funny anymore". Maybe not, but that response left me laughing.
  • With the nice weather, we actually got to spend a lot of time outside with the neighbors this weekend. At one point, Michael was playing with my neighbor's toddler, whom Michael has really struggled to be nice to all summer. (But mom, he keeps moving my stuff!) The little boy's dad walked away for just a moment, and if it was any other child, I wouldn't have gotten up to supervise them for all of two minutes. But, Michael has really been a jerk at times, so I figured I'd go supervise VERY CLOSELY. When I got there, Michael was drawing a picture of the boy and then wrote the little boy's name next to the picture and showed the boy. Again with the heart sproinging thing.
So, over all, the past week has been full of giggles and heart sproinging. Just the way I like it.


claudia said...

Thanks for your post today. It made my heart sproing.

Stacey said...

Yay for all of the heart sproinging!

JenFen said...

That just all made me want go, awwww, so cute! Except for M telling you that timber was no longer funny because that is just plain, well funny!