Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Shhh...I'm not supposed to be posting today to protest SOPA. But really, me not posting will not have any impact on SOPA because I'm not exactly a powerhouse on the internet. (Big internet search engine, I'm looking at you. Just think of the statement you could have made!) For those of us that are the tiny voices on the internet, I agree with Laura that contacting your Representatives will have more impact than not blogging for the day.

It's Wednesday and I have random thoughts going through my mind, so the obvious thing to do now is a randomness post! Here goes.

  • Monday night, during dinner, I asked Michael if he knew why he had the day off from school. He did. They covered the topic pretty well for kindergarten social studies. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. I even got to read over some of the material they used when I checked through his homework folder last night.
  • While we were discussing MLK jr. I realized that in my entire time in public school, K-12, we NEVER covered MLK jr. or the civil rights movement. My kindergartner has had more formal education on the subject than I have. It's disturbing, but at least things are heading in the right direction.
  • I had to work on Monday, so Andy and Michael had a Daddy day. I came home to find them sitting together on the floor playing a video game. They were having so much fun that they hardly noticed me when I came in. It was completely adorable and also gave me a little bit of quiet time to decompress from the long day.
  • While they continued to play video games, I made dinner. It's getting increasingly difficult for me to read instructions on food packaging. To read the instructions on the Texas Toast box I had to extend my almost to it's full reach. I strongly suspect that if I can't grow my arms any longer I'm going to be need bifocals in the next year or so. It almost makes me want to get laser correction so that I would only have to deal with reading glasses. Almost.
  • I was feeling pretty brave that night too, so I grabbed a flashlight and asked Michael to let me check for his 6 year molars. I saw one coming through on the lower left side of his mouth. There may have been one on the lower right side, but I wasn't able to move my head back far enough to see properly. Since I don't have bifocals, I'm just going to assume that it's there.
  • And finally, Michael has gotten his appetite back after last week's Strep infection. We let him eat a little too much junk over the weekend, so it's been a fight to get him to eat close to healthy again. Last night he really, really wanted a snack even though he hadn't eaten dinner. I was about to say "no" when he started begging me to let him have humus and crackers. I sighed and "gave in" and then snickered to myself as he downed half a container of CHICK PEA PASTE. Yeah, who got fooled there?
  • Actually, since I don't have bifocals, it could have been me.


Lindsay said...

Wow - We got pretty comprehensive civil rights info down here in Texas!

Beth said...

I noticed in all of the things that William brought home from school about MLK, not one of them actually mentioned the color of his skin. They had all kinds of vague statements about how MLK wanted justice for all people, and wanted all people to be treated fairly and equally. I'm not sure if they ever discussed who, exactly, was being treated unfairly! I think that's the only drawback of where we moved--it's overwhelmingly white. Diversity teaching is going to have to come from me!