Monday, January 16, 2012

Teething Sucks! Round 2

I didn't blog back when Michael was an infant. If I had, you would know just how much I hated when Michael was teething. It was horrible. He chewed on everything he could get his teeth on; including his crib, lead paint coated Thomas the Train toys, and me. Not only that, but it lead to many, many nights of lost sleep for everyone. It was so bad, I actually printed out the ADA's Primary Tooth Eruption Chart and kept it posted at my desk so I could keep track of how many teeth were left.

Today, I actually printed out the Permanent Tooth Eruption Chart and posted it at my desk. Why? Because after losing two teeth in December, Michael is teething again. And, it's about as much fun this time around as it was the last.

Michael constantly has his fingers, his shirt, or other random objects in his mouth. At times he's chewing with the two front teeth, but I've seen him with his fingers jammed all the way in the back so I'm wondering if those 6 year molars are working their way in too. If I'm brave, I may grab a flashlight and try to check things out. Knowing Michael however, I'll be sure to keep my fingers out of there. I wouldn't put it past him to think that biting me would be hilarious.

The shirt chewing seems to bother Andy the most. I agree, it's not too charming for Michael to walk around with a stretched out and wet shirt collar, but the fingers bother me the most. Not because I hate seeing him with his fingers in his mouth, but because of the germs his grubby little fingers are taking along for the ride.

He had a half day last Tuesday, so he spent the afternoon with my mom. When I went to pick him up, I watched him take a bite of a doughnut and I knew by the way he swallowed that something was wrong. My guess was either a cold or strep. He refused to eat dinner, woke up vomiting in the middle of the night, and was burning up the next morning. Let's just say that the strep test was simply a formality.

Given a few days of antibiotics and rest, Michael is fine. But, as long as he's chewing his fingers I suspect we'll be seeing repeats.

Teething round 2 tally: 3 nights of lost sleep, 2 days of school missed, one day of work missed, and a trip to the pediatrician's office.

Oh yeah, and just for fun. Primary tooth teething included 20 teeth. Permanent tooth teething? 32 teeth. Is it too soon to get his wisdom teeth out?


Stacey said...

Dirty fingers in mouths pretty much do me in too. Yuck!

This is one of the few things I enjoy about my child not being able to feel pain. When the dentist told me to give him ibuprofen when his six year molars come in I just laughed. I'll have no idea when they come in!

I hope it goes quicker than you think and anymore sickness stays away for the rest of the winter.

Deanna said...

At least the only reason he's chewing fingers is due to teething - this will pass. K chews on his finger all.the.time. Drives me nuts. Hope M's teeth come in quickly!