Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where it All Started

I was thinking about my hair stylist problems last night. As I said, I have to be realistic and own up to the fact that part of it is me. Not only do I not know how to express what I want done, I may also be a little over sensitive when they make comments I don't like. I probably didn't need to stop going to the woman that said, "Eww, what's this?" in reference to the hair spray on my hair.

I realized that maybe it's my mom's fault. See, when I was a kid, my mom had this thing about wanting me to look like Shirley Temple. Wait, if you factor in that she also tried to make me take tap lessons, it's probably fair to say that she wanted me to be Shirley Temple. Contrary child that I was, the last thing I wanted to be was anyone else. However, she never took that into consideration when she took me to get my hair cut. I know for a fact that she told at least one stylist to make me look like Shirley Temple. I remember crying for so long after that that my mom finally gave in and let me wash the curls out of my hair. I suspect that this order may have been given to a different stylist when I was in 8th grade. I don't think I let my mom take me to get my hair cut after that. I've also disliked getting my hair cut ever since then.

Several of you left good comments yesterday about how it's just too much work to let your hair grow out once you have colored it. I liked Claudia's because I not only want to let my hair go gray naturally, it was also a timely comment because my mom's hair is growing in now that she's been out of chemo for a while.

There have been a few surprises with my mom's hair. The first is how long it takes for hair to grow in. She has a full head of hair, and it's over an inch long, but it is SO SHORT still. I figured that since she always kept her hair in a pixie cut, it wouldn't take long to grow long enough for that. But I'm realizing just how long hair needs to be simply to be considered a short haircut.

The second surprise has been her hair color. She has been dying her hair for so long, she had no idea how gray it was. She thought that she just had some gray near her temples. Nope. She has a full head of salt and pepper hair. Maybe still a little more on the pepper side, but I don't think she's too happy about it. Personally, since I seem to have gotten my greying genes from her, I'm pretty happy that at 69 she's not completely silver yet.

The third surprise, I may be secretly enjoying. Sometimes when the hair first grows in after chemo, it comes in curly. And boy, is my mom's hair curly. Even if it was long enough for the pixie cut right now, it's way too wild for the style. When she first noticed that it was curly, she was excited. She's always wanted curly hair. But as anyone with enough curl to frizz on a humid day knows, the grass is always greener on the other side. Yesterday she was complaining that it's a different kind of curly on the sides than it is on the top. Oh, yes, I know all about that. It's such a royal pain in the hiney. So, she's discovering that curly hair isn't everything she dreamed it would be.

Personally, I hope it stays curly until hheir hair is down to her shoulders. I've told her since the day her hair started falling out that I'll treat her to a great haircut when it grows back in. If it stays curly, I'm going to pull the stylist to the side before hand, give her a $20 bill, and tell her to make my mom look like Shirley Temple.


Stacey said...

Ha! I love all of this.

My mom is completely grey and stopped coloring it a few years ago. I think it looks really nice. I am sure you'll look great with curly grey hair when you're in your 60s too.

Deanna said...

Okay, so I've been coloring/highlighting for several years now. I've lately been coloring darker to match my natural color. I hate my grays but I hate being stuck in the perpetual cycle of spending money to color growing hair. Now you really have me thinking that I can go natural and it will be fine. The only reason I hate the gray is "cause the magazine told me so". :P