Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Insanity! Michael's In.

Andy and I have kind of been in an exercise slump.  We are still working out, just not as much as we used to.  And...maybe not as hard as we used to.  We've also started picking up some bad eating habits again.  To be honest, it was a nice break for me at first.  I've spent the last several years tracking every minute and mile that I've run, biked, or rowed and I was clearly burned out on all the tracking.  But I've discovered that if I don't have a race or a goal to work for, that I start to let things slide a little.  At this point, both of us have let ourselves slide enough that we either need to find some new motivation or buy new clothes.  Considering we just invested in a new heating/Air conditioning system, we are newly motivated to go with the cheapest solution.

After doing some research, Andy suggested that we give Insanity a try.   They are the same company that produces P90X, which I know about from a bunch of the military guys at work.  To give you an idea of the intensity of P90X, even many Marines find it too hard.  Clearly, that's not the program for me.  So I checked out Insanity, and while it looks hard, it has the two features I need right now.  First, everything is incorporated into a cardio workout.  I love cardio.  I hate resistance training.  Second, Insanity is all about the core, and trust me, I need to work on my core.  Badly.  I'm not talking about working on my six-pack here folks.  I'm talking about trying not to look five months pregnant.

We ordered the package last week, and it arrived yesterday.  Before diving into things, we decided to watch the first workout and see what it's like.  It's pretty much insane.  Andy and I groaned just watching some of the stuff.

However, Michael was watching with us, and his response was insanely enthusiastic.  He watched the entire 25 minute workout and then insisted that we play the DVD again.  Sure, why not.

This was the next thing we saw.

Michael really got into the warm-up. I was sure, however, that once they got into the hard stuff, he would sit it out.
Nope. He kept going.

And going.

Guys, you have no idea how funny watching this was.  Six year olds are not necessary the most coordinated people in the world, and as I discovered later, this program takes a lot of coordination.  Michael was huffing and puffing, laughing, and falling dramatically on the floor during the rest periods.  He teetered and tottered at times, and we had to rearrange things around him for safety.   He even kept running to me asking me to feel how fast his heart was beating.  But you know what?  He did the entire workout.

I've never seen anything like it.  Michael has always had energy, and he has always enjoyed exercise, but his exuberance for this was a total surprise, not to mention his perseverance.  When he finished up he was grinning from ear to ear.  (And I can assure you that when I finished the same workout two hours later, I was NOT grinning from ear to ear. Oh no, I was not.)

Despite the fact that he did the work out right before bedtime, Michael went to sleep without any trouble.  I didn't think anything about his workout again until this morning.  As soon as Michael was done his breakfast he insisted that I turn the DVD on for him again.

This was the last thing I saw before leaving for work this morning.

I just had to laugh.


Carrie77 said...

Wow, that was insane. Those two blurry photos of M really blurred my vision! Seriously! I can't imagine watching him in person! ha!! :) I think its been hard to work out this summer too because its been SO hot.

JenFen said...

Talk about insanity? I can't believe he did the entire workout and then wanted to do it again this morning. My kids would have given up, lost interest or both for sure.

BTW - I miss you blogging so will you do it more, just for me, please?

claudia said...

There is nothing like 6 year old energy working with all those brand new parts.
So glad that you are back blogging again. You were missed.